Fujian Lixin Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.

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 It establishes long-term cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes in and out of the province and focuses on the research and development and innovation of shipbuilding technology. A set of scientific and reasonable comprehensive solutions for ship design, the use of "three-dimensional modeling", segmented construction and other new technologies, new techniques, ship construction in strict accordance with the various norms of ship inspection requirements for design, construction, inspection, to ensure product quality and safety, the production of various types of ships by virtue of the strong wind resistance, good stability, speed, low fuel consumption, safe and reliable operation of the advantages, etc., the production of the ship, the shipbuilding industry, the shipbuilding industry and the shipbuilding industry, and the shipbuilding industry. With the advantages of strong wind resistance, good stability, fast speed, low fuel consumption, safe and reliable operation, etc., the company has won a wide range of praise from customers. Through the full support from all walks of life and the joint efforts of the whole enterprise, the company continues to develop steadily, and for many years in a row, the company has achieved the third place in the national comprehensive evaluation of the market share of fishing vessels and the first place in the province's comprehensive evaluation, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons.

Enterprise culture

Vision:Become a century-old brand of service for China's shipbuilding industry

Business philosophy:While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, it contributes to the progress and development of the shipbuilding industry.

Mission:Let shipowners, shipyards and suppliers become one family, fair, transparent and easy shipbuilding

Values:Integrity, struggle, innovation, win-win


The company has passed the three system certifications of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management, obtained the qualification certificate approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for the construction of first-class fishing vessels, and has the production capacity of first-class class II steel general vessels approved by the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, won the honorary titles of "Top Ten Fishery Ship Repair and Building Enterprises in Fujian Province", "Fujian Famous Brand Product Enterprise", "Integrity Unit", "Advanced Enterprise", "Star Enterprise", "Contract and Promise Enterprise" and other honorary titles.

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