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Located in the eastern part of Fujian Province
It is located in the east of Fujian province.

5km from Xuncheng Toll Station (G1523 Yongguan Expressway)

It is 5 kilometers away from Xuncheng toll station(G1523 Yongguan Expressway).
10km from bazimen toll station (G15 shenhai expressway)

It is 10 kilometers away from Bachimen toll station(G15 Shenhai Expressway).


23km to Fuding Railway Station
It is 23 kilometers away from Fuding Railway Station.

80 minutes from Wenzhou Longwan International Airport
It takes 80 minutes to reach Wenzhou LongwanInternational Airport.
150 minutes from Fuzhou Changle International Airport

It takes 150 minutes to reach Fuzhou ChangleInternational Airport.


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