Human Resources

Lixin Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the management principle of "people-oriented, human management, scientific management and efficient service" to provide customers with multi-faceted services.

new ship

talent strategy

Based on the company's long-term development direction and vision, through the company's strategy, human resources, finance, team building and a series of effective integration and performance evaluation, the establishment and improvement of the appraisal system, so that employees gradually establish the common values advocated by the enterprise, and gradually form a corporate culture with the pursuit of high performance as the core.

new ship

talent cultivation

Rapid learning is one of the core competencies of the new ship, so building a learning organization is very important for the new ship. Lixin ship attaches importance to the construction of employees' core values, attaches importance to the construction of corporate culture, team building, the cultivation of sense of mission and responsibility, the cultivation of professional quality, the successor plan and the cultivation of key talents.