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128 Meters Fishmeal Processing Boat

The enterprise has a series of modern shipbuilding facilities and equipment, and currently has a 50000-ton platform supporting 260-ton gantry crane, a 10000-ton semi-dock platform supporting 120-ton gantry crane, a 5000-ton slide platform and a 3000-ton slide platform.

Total length: 128m Type width: 24m Type depth: 8m

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Product Details

The enterprise has a series of modern shipbuilding facilities and equipment, including 50000-ton ship platform supporting 260-ton gantry crane, 10000-ton semi-dock ship platform supporting 120-ton gantry crane, 5000-ton slide platform, 3000-ton slide platform, 7000-square-meter numerical control workshop, etc. It has established long-term cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions inside and outside the province, concentrated on the research and development of shipbuilding technology, and has a complete set of scientific and reasonable comprehensive solutions for ship design, adopt new technologies and processes such as "three-dimensional modeling" and segmented construction.

Refrigerated fishmeal processing vessels are an emerging marine aquatic product processing mother ship cluster industry, equivalent to a large-scale marine processing integrated platform, seamlessly connected with fishing vessels at sea, using the catch as raw materials, directly processing into fishmeal, fish oil and other high value-added products at sea, greatly shortening the round-trip time of fishing vessels, improving production efficiency, improving fishmeal quality, reducing fishmeal processing pollution, and creating a full industrial chain model for marine processing of marine catches. This refrigerated fishmeal processing vessel, customized for Changrong Aquaculture, is 128 meters long, 24 meters wide, 8 meters deep, and has a gross tonnage of 12,078. It is equipped with four fishmeal processing production lines, producing 300 tons of fishmeal per day.


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