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48.8-meter single-machine single-slurry ocean-going longline fishing vessel

The enterprise has a series of modern shipbuilding facilities and equipment, and currently has a 50000-ton platform supporting 260-ton gantry crane, a 10000-ton semi-dock platform supporting 120-ton gantry crane, a 5000-ton slide platform and a 3000-ton slide platform.

Total length: 48.8m Type width: 8.3m Type depth: 4.36m

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Longline fishing vessel

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The enterprise has a series of modern shipbuilding facilities and equipment, including 50000-ton ship platform supporting 260-ton gantry crane, 10000-ton semi-dock ship platform supporting 120-ton gantry crane, 5000-ton slide platform, 3000-ton slide platform, 7000-square-meter numerical control workshop, etc. It has established long-term cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions inside and outside the province, concentrated on the research and development of shipbuilding technology, and has a complete set of scientific and reasonable comprehensive solutions for ship design, adopt new technologies and processes such as "three-dimensional modeling" and segmented construction.

Total length: 48.8m

Type width: 8.3m

Type depth: 4.36m


Introducing our Longline Fishing Vessel, meticulously engineered to excel in the demanding realm of deep-sea fishing. Crafted with precision and purpose, this vessel stands as a beacon of efficiency and sustainability in the maritime industry.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery, our Longline Fishing Vessel is tailored to optimize the deployment and retrieval of longlines, ensuring maximum yield with minimal effort. From the moment the first baited hook touches the water to the final haul of the catch, every aspect of operation is streamlined for peak performance.

With spacious storage facilities and advanced refrigeration capabilities, our Longline Fishing Vessel ensures the integrity and freshness of the catch from sea to shore. Whether targeting prized species like tuna, swordfish, or toothfish, our vessel maintains the highest standards of quality and sustainability, preserving marine ecosystems for future generations.

Beyond its functionality, our Longline Fishing Vessel embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible fishing practices. Designed to minimize bycatch and reduce environmental impact, it represents a sustainable solution for meeting the demands of today's seafood market while safeguarding the health of our oceans.

In the vast expanse of the open sea, our Longline Fishing Vessel stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and dedication to excellence. With its unmatched capabilities and unwavering commitment to sustainability, it is poised to lead the way in the future of commercial fishing.


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